The Sunlife Roofing System consist of Sunlife Roofing Compound and Sunlife Reinforcing Fabric. The liquid coating permits full adhesion and seamless encapsulation. The reinforced fabric is installed at all critical locations; joints, seams, and fastener heads.

Sunlife Roof Coating Compound

  • 100% Acrylic Base (Pure acrylics are molecularly resistant to UV light degradation)
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM D-6083
  • FM Global Approved
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Highly Reflective; Energy Star 90%
  • MSDS - PDF
  • Technical Data Sheet - PDF

Sunlife Reinforcing Fabric(s)


The Sunlife Roofing System was designed to be installed directly to:

  • Metal Deck
  • Corrugated Composite Roof Panels
  • Concrete

Can be applied over existing roof systems to seal and extend the use-life of:

  • TPO’s, EPDM’s, Built-Up (Tar) Roofs
  • Fiberglass & Polycarbonate Lenses

Surface Preparation:

  • Repairing deck/flashing deficiencies
  • Cleaning
  • Fastening
  • Priming

Surface preparation is the key to a quality installation, making a great product greater.

Non-Invasive Installation

  • Prepare Surface
  • Place and Adhere “Sunlife” Reinforcing Fabric(s)
  • Saturate Reinforcing Fabric
  • Apply Protective Layer of Sunlife Roofing Compound
  • Re-Apply Additional Sunlife Roofing Compound



The typical metal deck roof has 40 lineal feet of lap joint per 100 square feet of roof surface, and from 20 to 50 fasteners in the same area. The installation of the Sunlife Roofing System eliminates all of these opportunities for leaks, a fact that is apparent when reviewing your roof.

Fully Encapsulating

The Sunlife Roofing System extends to the edge, ridge, and roof penetrations, completely eliminating any possibility of leaks.


  • Adheresto all typical construction products, particularly advantageous at the joints of dissimilar material, such as:
    • Roof deck to concrete walls
    • Composite deck to metal flashings
    • Fiberglass skylight lenses to metal deck
    • PVC pipe penetrations through roof deck
    • Structures to support vents, ACs etc.
  • Formsto all shapes and profiles
  • Resistant to Organic Chemicals
    • Oil Resistant
    • UV Light Resistant
      (Molecularly resistant to UV degradation)

Flexible yet Strong

Moves with the roof system and building structure during daily and seasonal expansion/contraction cycles.

Non-Intrusive/ Non-Invasive installation process

  • Minimized safety concerns for site employees and contractor
  • No production interference slowdowns/shutdowns during installation process
  • Reduced rain exposure during installation
  • No offensive odors
  • No falling debris (or worse)

Cools Roof Surface

No Maintenance Issues